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9th and Rhode Island Ave. NW

If you’ve driven down 9th Street NW before, I’m sure you’ll recognize this building with it’s memorable mural dedicated to Carter G. Woodson among others.


A closer inspection after the jump.


Seventh Day Baptist Church


According to Victorian Secrets:

In 2004, the Historic Preservation Review Board approved a plan to incorporate the church into an upscale residential project, but, other than being more securely boarded up, the church has stood visually unchanged for four years.

The fascinating history of the building and more photos after the jump…


Some Buildings on the 9th St. Strip

With apologies to Ed Ruscha’s Every Building on the Sunset Strip, here’s a group of six vacant buildings across from the Convention Center at 9th and L St. NW that I stitched together.

9th st_r1_c1

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The Gales School

This beautiful building can be found on the 100 block of Massachusetts Ave. NW.


More photos and a Google Maps satellite image showing the hollowed insides after the jump.


Wonder Bread Hostess Cake Factory



933 Florida Ave. NW


1859 3rd St. NW

1859 3rd St. NW